Cheers, here’s to 2023

Cheers, here’s to 2023

The new year is here! Were you able to close the year that just ended with a positive perspective and with a feeling of accomplishment? Are your arms wide open to readliy embrace the new year and run with all of the positive energy and happiness this time of the year is surrounded by? Do you make new year’s resolutions? In this article, I will tell you what I do to be able to go from one year to the next with a positively balanced mindset and why setting new year’s resolutions help us be the best version of who we are and who we want to become. Shall we?

Over the years, I have discovered that in order for me to be able to start a new year with a clear and balanced mind, I really need to take time to reflect on all that has happened along the year that is about to end. I do not like to rush in anything as time is of the essence in nearly everything. Thus, I like to funnel all of my happiness and positive energy to shape a perspective that is consistent with my reality. When I look back on all that happend during the year that is coming to an end, from the achievments to the obstacles and everything in between, I just take a deep breath! My life if full happiness and I am very grateful for everything I have, but life can be marked by unexpected events and occurences, situations and from time to time, setbacks. It is very important to live our truth and own our mind. Ready? Let ́s start!

Making New Year’s resolutions promotes a feeling of being hopeful and optimistic. People expect things can get better for them, from work and community to losing weight and personal deveopment. This highly positive view of the future subsequently motivates action.

According to Forbes, there are four very good reasons to make new year’s resolutions (even if you don’t keep them), here they are:

1. Intention

Being honest with yourself about your current condition and the distance to your preferred situation is key to improvement. And being intentional about how you want to grow and develop will help you achieve results. This intentionality will also contribute to your happiness and fulfillment. When you’re moving forward with clear direction, you make a positive contribution to your emotional and mental health.

2. Hope and Engagement

Making New Year’s resolutions is inherently hopeful and optimistic. You expect things can get better for you, for your work experience or for your community. This positive view of the future, in turn, tends to motivate action. If you don’t believe tomorrow can be better, you’re unlikely to take steps to improve yourself or your community. So optimism is doubly beneficial—contributing to your own mental health, but also engaging you toward positive action which has an effect on those around you.

3. Responsibility

Most New Year’s resolutions have some impact on others. Even if they are about individual self- improvement, they affect families, friends, colleagues and communities. Your resolution to get healthy will keep you around longer for your family and friends. Your resolution to stop procrastinating will contribute to a positive team dynamic with your co-workers. And your plans to do more volunteer work at the community garden will help feed people in your locale. New Year’s resolutions are terrific ways to focus on yourself, but also to consider your broader responsibility—and to expand and multiply your positive effects on others.

4. Inspiration

When you seek to be better, do better or contribute more fully, you tend to inspire others as well. The primary way people learn is through experiencing the behavior of others. Even if they’re not consciously aware of it, people pick up on choices and cues from others—constantly. When you focus on the future and focus on improvement, you necessarily inspire those around you.

In Sum, strive to be in the minority of people who keep their New Year’s resolutions. But know even if you don’t keep every one, the act of making them and striving toward them will have positive effects for you and for others. (Forbes)

With these four great reasons, you have everything you need to write your New Year ́s Resolutions. What are you waiting for? Let ́s go! Happy 2023!