21 Mar

The Panties Along Our Life

The piece of clothing that changes most frequently in our lives is definitely underpants. While other pieces of clothing can […]
14 Mar

Are You Living Life to the Fullest?

Are you enjoying all that life is and can be, in the best possible way? There is a difference between […]
28 Feb

Dream On

The word “dreams” is a word that, however small it may be, says a lot. I’m really a dreamer. I […]
14 Feb

Do We Have a Life Outside of Work?

Life outside of work, is this possible? In the past, life was different, very different. Thinking about it, we can […]
07 Feb

The Best Birthday Present

As I approach turning 45, I can say that I have never felt better, happier and more fulfilled with life […]
24 Jan

Grapes, anyone?

Are you a fan of grapes? This tasty little fruit comes in a variety of colors, inclding green, red, black, […]